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It is a rare privilege for me to introduce Mr. Ashraf Raavi an eminent poet, critic and translator to his prospective readers. My study of his works: literary, critical, and translation make me unequivocally aver that they quintessentially breathe out the features of freshness and originality. He has a métier for criticism and appears to be one of the exponents of New Criticism in Kashmiri literature. This anthology of translation of Kashmiri short stories in English is his significant work. It will provide an opportunity to non Kashmiri speaking people to understand the ethos and values and the social, economic, and political conditions of Kashmir. The short stories have been chosen from the pioneer fiction writers to the current ones in the field. As such the work will surely help in studying the emergence and development of fiction in Kashmiri language.

Ajaz Wani, Shopian
Poet and Reviewer (English)
Lecturer in Education Department

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