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    This book contains the solutions to all the numerical problems present in the first half of the 15th edition of Nootan’s class XI ISC physics textbook.

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    International trade or International economics is a branch of economics which is often referred as
    ‘applied economics’. Modern trade theory is essentially a branch of general equilibrium analysis. It is
    firmly embedded in the Walrasian tradition. International trade theory is basically divided into two parts,
    one is a pure theory or the classical theory of international trade and the other is the monetary theory of
    international trade. The classical theory of trade is a part of price theory or micro-theory. Monetary theory

    of trade or international finance or which is often referred as exchange-rate theory is thought to be macro-
    the economic part of the trade theory. The classical theory of international trade deals with the aspect of the

    exchange of goods and services between two or more countries. The monetary theory of international trade
    deals with the determination of exchange-rates among the trading countries. Since it is an applied
    economics, therefore, there are certainly many policy problems which are of empirical nature that the
    subject has to elucidate.

    The book purely serves the academic purpose and is a must pick up for Economics!

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    To understand the subject of Organizational behavior is most vital for a student to form an organization or to work in an organization. This book “Organizational Behaviour: a Self Learning Material” consists of ten chapters covering; 1. Fundamentals of Organizational Behavior, 2. Attitude, 3. personality & values, 4. Perception, 5. Motivation, 6. Foundations of Group Behavior, 7. Managing Teams, 8. Leadership, 9. Organizational Culture, 10. Organizational Change Salient Features: This book is designed for the Graduate and postgraduate students of Management and Engineering This covers the syllabus of all major universities across India. This is prepared as per the personal experience of authors in classroom and real-life experience The clarity and comprehensiveness of language used in this book enables it to be a Self Learning material (SLM) Being an SLM It is useful for both regular and distance education courses.

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    This book is written for beginners who want to understand it in simple language, with lots of blocks diagrams, putting the main focus on coding standards and methods to be followed. The book is designed primarily for a one-semester course in software engineering for the undergraduate students of computer science and engineering. It will be useful for MCA, BCA, Bsc computer science and its related courses.

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    This book is about the agricultural history and economy of India. Having a keen interest in research, the author deals in an intricate manner with the difficulties that are seen in the agricultural sector.

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    Explained in plain English, it helps you understand clearly, the bench marked best practices of aerospace quality management system and requirements being followed by more than 19,000 organisations in the world, including all prime industrial organisations dealing with aviation, space and defence equipment. Interleaved with interesting anecdotes, lessons learned and examples of experiences of 10 years of academics, 30 years of quality assurance in aircraft industry and 10 years of aerospace audit, this guidance book is being released on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of his exemplary service to the nation and the aerospace industry.

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