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    Plunder of wealth of our huge reserve of forests and how the flora and fauna which are so meaningful to our very existence are decimated by a few of their narrow ends is retold in this story. Two young lovers Gopi and Kishen who lived in the village Narayanpur in the borderland of two States near a forest zone, fell victims to the evil design of the decadent Raja Saheb, the local Zamindar.The life of the girl Gopi, a picture of pure innocence was nipped in the bud by the villain, who paid with his life at the hands Kishen.The story takes a violent turn at this point.The Novel is replete with romantic and adventurous scenes, picturesque description of jungle and wildlife and splendors of waterfalls.And what went on inside a huge and mysterious globe in the deep forest which had potential to shake the world, will only be revealed if one goes through the Novel. Grab this book today! Hurry Up!

    Aranyaka by: KALI PRASAD RATH 310.00
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    The story revolves around a guy who falls in love with his colleague and then comes in the scenario of the typical Indian society thought process. Wish to know more?? Go and grab your copy today!

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    “To the broken bodies and tired souls,
    Don’t let the world smudge your holes,
    Don’t let them settle your goals,
    You are the power containing that perk,
    Resound your worth and give the creeps a better jerk.”
    Arohi, a carefree, music loving and filled with life Mumbaiyan meets Randeer during her internship and falls heads over heels for him. But despite his charismatic and cheerful nature, something seems to bind him from emotional attachment. While fighting their own battles, they are helping Abhi in his own amorous conquest with Megha. 
    Will they succeed in winning Megha over? But more importantly, what is the secret behind Randeer’s restrained behavior and chained affection?
    A story that will make you realize that you are not ordinary, you have that power to transform, to recreate, to redesign uncustomary, to live a life above ordinary.
    A must pick up this winters! Hurry up, grab your copy today !


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    Longer than forever is the dark, edgy and quirky story of romance, betrayal, pain and serene suffocation. Will Yuvaan and Chahek be able to make their forever last? Want to know? Grab your copy today!

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    Love, doesn’t this word sound the most melodious word in the millennium? Just as salt looks like sugar and vodka look like water, Throughout our lives, we make a lot of mistakes and gain experiences but all we have to do is to learn because some lessons are learned only through heartbreaks. Join Ray and his story how he fell in love and remember that first love of yours which made you believe that there is something good in this world, the first time you blushed, that first smile, and the first time when your heart beat faster when you fell in love. Let’s go back to nostalgia and feel it all over again. Let’s find a little of ourselves in the characters of the story. Let’s fall in love again, with the most beautiful things we come across, as we read.

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    Altering Reality is a journey of life. You live it inch by inch while sipping the words into your soul. It is not a book about beautiful horizons and happy endings. It is about the different colors of a palette, some darker some brighter together making it a complete picture. A picture with the true shades of life.

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    Jeevan Ek Kathputli is a Hindi novel based on values and culture and the most important thing in our lives, our families. It’s when we lose a family, we actually realize the true value of it. A must grab this season! Buy your copy today!

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    The book weaves the story of two 12 grade students, Anila and Prabhas, and their budding love which is soon thwarted by the circumstances.To know more about what brings in the sudden spurt of movement, plunge into the sweet teenage love story.

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    The book is about the evergreen dilemma between the mind and heart. One should choose whom, one’s own happiness or family’s happiness? A must pick up this season.

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    “Love is all it takes” is author’s beautifully crafted debut explaining how the feeling of love can be the most powerful emotion. The book itself will give you the understanding of being in love. Hurry up! A must pick up this winters!

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    The demon is real, and you will see him when the time will be absolute, when the hope for love will fall. And he is not gonna come from hell or from any mountain or a dark temple, but he will rather come from you. And once you have seen him, you will never be afraid of dark anymore. Because then, you will only be afraid of yourself.Confused ?? Go and grab this book and see the real demon yourself today!

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    The book is an amazing love story and is a must pick up for every reader. Go and grab your copy today. Happy Reading!

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    The book is a beautiful fable of true lovers, and strengthens the fact that true love stories always manages to reach their true fate of love. A must pick up for every love story lover!

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    The book entails story of two friends separated over time and boundaries and the entry of new friends in their lives. Strangers to friends, friends to close friends, close friends to more than just friends, more than just friends to strangers with memories, can strangers be friends again? Don't wait, Hurry up! Buy this amazing story today!

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    This is a story about the love of Ram & Deepa at different stages of their life. As in all love stories, they meet strangers, fall in love, then weave a complex love-hate relationship with the loved ones. Sounds usual, right? But that’s not the end of the story. To know more, grab a copy for yourself today!

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    Straight From Life is the story of Rishabh, a management graduate, not from one of the top MBA institutes. He has an ordinary family and educational background, his dreams, his learnings are from his very own tutor. We all know we have only one life to live. That too is very short to learn everything. We live it the way we want. Our success and failure depend upon the choices we make in our lives, the result tells us how well we lived our life. Every life has its own story to tell. Every event gives us a new experience to share. Here he tries to find out why he opted for MBA as a career, does his middle-class background have any role to play? This book will try to explain the understanding of current professionals, their training process, the gap between their academics and the real world. The dilemma of their institutes’ grade, and later on their work place’s own grade for appraisal. This book is written in Indian context but can be applied anywhere. This book helps readers to form their own opinion and draw own conclusions rather than other’s perspective as the only truth. Through the thoughts, research and ideas presented in this book, readers will believe in them and find the courage to apply them in their life. Straight From Life cannot only be the story of the person who is narrating it to you, but it can also be your own story, which can help you to grow as a professional in corporate life as well as personal life. There is truly no beginning or end in getting learnings from life. It is a lifelong process, as you live life every day-believe in yourself and learn straight from life. This book is a Cocktail of research, real life experience, and imagination. This book is for self-improvement, and self-learning-a non-fiction written in fiction style.

    Straight From Life by: 310.00

    by Rupesh Kumar

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    This is short discripton!!!!

    OBLIVION by: Aeschylus 150.00


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    Rated 5.00 out of 5
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    this is just

    Kaash by: 200.00

    The fight of dream against destiny

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