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    Mythocharelife implies Mytho-Char- rel-life i.e Mythology+characters+relations+ life. In this book, author has attempted to pick characters from Hindu mythology and how they have significance in our lives and how we have not concentrated on the relations that they are showing us. By the way of this book, the author wants to highlight on certain traits of people and the relations we have in our life so that if not learn then definitely at least we give all that a thought. Grab this book today to know more. Hurry up!

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    Current day,all the nine masters are dead on the same day at 15:03 hours.That was next to impossible.The nine books of infinite wisdom written by Ravana and received by Laxman,while Ravana was counting his last breath.Laxman gave those books to…………..EXCITED to know more ?? What are you waiting for?? Go and grab this amazing Hindu Mythological story today !! Hurry up!!

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