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    The book is an inspirational journey with tips for young and budding entrepreneurs on how to set up their start-up. Knitted around the budding generation of entrepreneurs and the struggles they face. The book traces the journey of a young engineering lad with no meaning in his life and how he worked upon himself, converting his weaknesses into his strengths. It is not just a novel but a handbook cum guide which includes step wise step process for budding entrepreneurs. Want to know more? Pre-order it and reserve a copy exclusively today!

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    ‘Rooster Coops’ is an inspirational concept in Aravind Adiga’s ‘blazingly savage and brilliant…’ novel, The White Tiger. The concept is based on the enslavement of the ‘Indians of Darkness.’ In the very words of Aravind Adiga, ‘the greatest thing to come out of this country in the ten thousand years of history is the Rooster Coop.’
    Dr. Amal. C. Dev has developed this concept vividly incorporating in it various elements of social, political, economic, cultural, religious as well as psychological nature that had been and have been contributing their mite towards the growth and development and progress of this enslavement in leaps and bounds. He has tried to clarify queries such as ‘Why are these human beings cooped like roosters?’, ‘How are they cooped?’, ‘Why are they not able to break these coops?’, ‘Why and How does Balram break it?’ etcetera. Just as Aravind Adiga, he too has, rather consciously, ignored the perennial ethical question: Does the end justify the means?
    This concise book would be very handy for those involved in researches and projects on current Indo-English Literary Writings.

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