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    Poet’s Tree is a compilation of poems which capture the myriad facets of our daily corporate life, the nature in and around us, and its immense impact on us. Nature fascinates us and the poems render vivid pictures about how it encompasses us. The author vehemently criticizes social malice and how adversely it affects the social fabric that ties us, and urges readers ardently about the necessity of eradicating such vices which may hinder mankind from thriving with vigour. The style of the presentation of poems is delectable and unique. It reveals the inward eye of the poet, as well as his deep concern for the ambiance he is dwelling in.

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    It is in poetry that she once found her voice. She writes this book, hoping it’ll do the same for her readers. Through her debut book, she hopes to demarcate a little space of her own in this big, wide world.

    Heart Out by: Milli 339.00
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    Life in all its forms is always in struggle. We strive for something, and something else turns up. The basic question is why do we not cease to live? The hope that we’ll be happy – tomorrow, or perhaps, the day after tomorrow – supplies us the energy to continue to live. But happiness is the rarest of all other achievements in life. What we actually get in its extreme is just an illusory version of happiness. The poems in this collection are about these human commonalities which confirm that our susceptibilities to pain and sufferings are inevitable, and that we are not at the hand of any supple certainty. The poems imagine about the purpose of life, relationship, and the absence of deep trust in modern minds.

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    Thoughts…That Breath, is the author’s very first collection of poems that depicts different kinds of emotions, as she believes that emotions cannot be expressed using simple words or using lengthy sentences. They can be conveyed to someone in the form of Poetry. It can explain the reader’s exact state of mind. It is a beautiful way to express feelings coming, either from the highest happiness or the deepest sorrow. This book is written in the same manner. The purpose of this book is to recollect our childhood memories and the feelings of love starting from a child and till becoming a parent. This Poetry is written using various poetic styles like free verse, rhyming scheme, etc. The messages in this book are touching sentiments coming from the core of the heart, mentioning real experiences based on the lessons taught by circumstances. This book contains feelings captured of the time flying on its wings from the past to the present. Apart from that, it is a little effort to explain deep love of a mother towards her daughter, in the form of many priceless emotions towards Nature gifted by the Almighty, some of unforgettable eternal relations, including memorable and magical moments.

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    Walking in the normal life, we have many thoughts, emotions, which we keep in front of others with different types of words. Just quoted all these words, the book says, “Anaam Shaksh Ki Begani Baate”

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    This piece of work mainly contains an expression of feelings and ideas, which gives intensity by the use of distinctive style and rhythm. I wanted to conclude every line of each poem with a flash of wonder and a quality of beauty and intensity of emotions regarding the phases of life. Every living being on this earth has a positive and a negative side. The sides which we cannot define, are mainly composed into paragraphs and phrases in these poems. We should always be positive in every aspect though we cannot hide our reality. Every single being faces obstacles which they never wish to but they have to go through them. Life shows people many signs, from which we have to choose our destiny and go on.

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    This unique book is a symbol of the writer’s perspective of love which withholds the idea that love is the driving force in this world and this profound force LOVE, is ETERNAL. In this book the deepest emotions of love and feelings of being in love are imbibed beautifully by the writer.

    Through this book the writer has tried to tell the story of finding love, or sometimes love finding it’s own way in the lover’s heart. The book talks about the ecstasy of falling in love, being in love and thriving in love. It tells the story of a lover’s longing and desire of love and it also depicts the pain of separation of two lovers with heart touching emotional intensity.

    This book is a special combination of letters, poems and shayari’s written for the writer’s beloved Firdaus. This work of art is very close to the writer’s heart.

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    In this book the writer has expressed the experiences of his life in such a way so that reader can connect with their personal life.

    Bekahal by: Adhure 125.00
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    The inked pages of the book describes the title in itself, ‘An Inexorable Relation’. It narrates how from childhood until gaining maturity, the roots get strengthen with the years that just pass by! A relation that never asks for anything in return. The book is an ode to a sister who happens to be the backbone for her brother till the time she’s there. And how the love multiplies with talks getting curtailed and not seeing each other for years post her marriage. The feelings, the emotions we begin to hide. While turning the pages, you’ll feel the importance of those small little fights, sharing the secrets and being each others shareholders of life. A silent shout asking her to stay back an additional day on her wedding night.

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    Inkpot is the heart Playing with words is the art Dipped my pen in the inkpot Initiating the spark with the ink I wrote Engraved emotions, words, and stomach knots My demons are what I have fought Poetry in my blood is what I have got. Love, hate, betrayal, scars, one-sided fantasies, rotten feelings, relationships, aspirations, success, joy, struggles, come as all in one package when we say the miracle word ‘LIFE’. How love thrives? How broken parts are mended? How scars fade away? How tenderness can silence the chaos? Get ready and put your seatbelts on because now you are going on a journey to find the answers to all these mysteries. A roller coaster of finding what happens when two worlds collide, what happens when betrayal strikes heart, what happens when failures stung. Let’s give all the questions a rest And let poetry find its way to you.

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    CHUPPI KA ANT’ is a book of Hindi poems composed by Anar Singh Verma. It is a first book of Verma, having 101 poems on different issues, such as, woman, child, maa, love, human – nature etc. It portrays various real pictures of society before readers. It, in fact, is a very readable poetry book that is able to change negative thoughts into positive.

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    The book all about speaking your heart out. The book tells that there is a lot of things that happen in the world. We can not have the same type of feelings always. We can not express all of those feelings to others too.

    But sometimes words help us expressing our feelings when speech does not support our heart.

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    The title of the book is “Sonda Matir Gondho” (English meaning: “Sonda”-smelling like dry earth wetted with rainwater, “Matir” (Soil) and “Gondho” (fragrance) is consisting with 101 Bengali poems. Best wishes letter has been received from the Hon’ble Governor of West Bengal State for this book.

    Through 101 (one hundred and one) Bengali poems the poet has made an attempt to ignite the minds of the general people at large for developing care, concern, sympathy and empathy among themselves and has tried to make an appeal to all class of people irrespective of caste, creed, sex and religion to develop “Humanity” for transforming our world more bright and vibrant. On the poem titled “Sesh Hasi” renowned poet Joy Goswami has commented “Khub Valo” and on the same poem distinguished poet Pobitro Mukhopadhyay has appreciated “Valo Hoyeche”. The poem “Tritiyo Purush” has received comment “Bhab Valo, Bhabna Valo, Apni Bhalo Thakur, Valo Likhun Aro” from distinguished poet Anil Ghorai and on the same poem eminent poet Sunondo Sanyal has extended his best wishes by commenting “Antorik Suveccha Janai”.

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    Creation of the book Bikhre khayal is an experiment, wherein literature of two different languages are compiled together to form a book. This book is a compilation of Gazals and Nazm of Urdu literature along with poems of Hindi literature. In ‘Bikhre Khayal’ book you will come across poems which will help you to think over your thoughts with freedom along with beautiful and mesmerizing Gazals and Nazms. The specialty of the poem is that it is closely related to ones experience and is capable to make one laugh, cry and enjoy. Poems may sometimes leave no impact or mark on some people, as in absence of emotions they are unable to connect to it. I would like to end my thoughts with lines of a poet “Jinke Pair a Pari Biwai, the ka Jane Pir Parai

    Bikhre Khayal by: Santosh 199.00
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    ‘The Sublime Truth’ is a collection of poems portraying self-realization, healing, immortality and the ultimate goal of salvation. Every poem in it is a reflection of my encounters with self, truth and attaining spirituality. The innate capacity of us as humans to exercise introspection and the thirst to learn about our ultimate purpose and essence are highlighted in them. Interestingly, in this quest to seek thy purpose, as a woman, I also try to reflect her relationship with her soul mate, friends, and family. From day to day experiences to soul searching endeavors, the decisions she makes, the vows she tries to fulfill, the upheavals she faces, the sacrifices she makes, the fate she accepts, these poems celebrate the strong character of a woman. These poems are what I feel, what inspires me, how I overcame the loss of my greatest strength, my mom. They rotate around the outrageous courage to accept hatred and still not lose faith in your dreams. They are not just only poems; they are the thoughts of my subconscious soul woven into words, aged over decades, enlightened by the beautiful wisdom of my mom. They embark my journey of seeking truth, enchantment, and awareness.

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    Do you think we take birth and die just once? Of course, we take birth only once, which means that we also die just once, but the irony is most people die every day too. They die when they lose out on their dreams and they die feeling bad when they see the world around them full of evil and sufferings such as girls getting raped, innocent people getting killed for silly reasons, corruption, trees being cut down in the name of development, awful traffic jams adding to pollution and the various other stressful things they witness every day. Hence, most human beings continue to go through the stress of feeling miserable by being a silent witness to the evil walks of people in their society or experience the same in their own lives on a daily basis.

    Re-Born tells about the changes we can bring in our lives as well as into the lives of others, in order to make this world a beautiful place for all of us to live in!

    I hope after reading this book everyone will try to become selfish

    Re-Born by: Sunil Kumar M 79.00
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    This book is a collection of dreams interpreted, thoughts decoded, and experiences retold. In essence, capturing glimpses of things that are, those that were and those which could have been, it leads one to a doorway to the other side, a way out.

    A way out by: Mainak Basak 120.00
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    Collection of poems

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    Hatheli Par Chand
    (A unique collection of poems depicting lifetime experience)
    Since my childhood, I liked reading so much that, I would select reading over anything else, even eating. During my childhood, reading good books of eminent authors, gave me a sense that even I can write to express myself. Hence, I started scribbling in my school notebooks. It would give me immense satisfaction if I am able to write good content. I would write it and read it again and again.
    After my marriage, I would write and recite the poems, a story during public functions, and private gatherings. When my near and dear ones and the audiences started liking my write up, I got encouraged and started writing my poems story, etc. in a diary. Many of my articles, poems got published in local newspaper and magazines.
    With the passage of time, writing became my favorite hobby and here I am today before you with my first book, a collection of my poems expressing my lifetime experience. I sincerely hope my dear readers that, you will like my thoughts and my unique style of writing and will relate to it.

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    Gulbane Khayaal is an invaluable beautiful Urdu
    poetry book for any person who is enchanted by the
    spoken cadence of an Urdu couplet.
    If you get delighted by spoken rhythm and rhyme of an
    Urdu couplet and desire to enjoy its puzzling treaties,
    this book of Urdu poetry is for you. It will offer you sharp
    perceptions and interesting trivia ranging from love,
    romance, passion, life events, human values, and
    This book is the third Urdu poetry book of Dr. Gazanfar Ali
    (Gazal) who is a professor of Medicine and practicing
    physician? The first book was& Nishate Nazar published
    in 2014 and second Taraaze Fikir in 2017.

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    “A life lived for poetry is life never wasted.”

    With this vision, as the author of this book, I solemnly believe that nothing compares to the feelings expressed through poetry. Poetry begins where words end.

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    “Shabdbhedi’ is not just a collection of poems, but it is the tongue of those living near you who says a lot without talking to you.

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    Author’s long-cherished endeavor for the promotion of science has fine-tuned his rational or logical thinking so much that, the same seemed important for the cause of society. As such, the book takes into account science, religion, mythology, psychology, politics, history, philosophy as well as every bunch of social aspect. Needless to say, when the rational approach is there, its high impact factor exerts startling message to contain painful situation of religious blind-faith and immense social disorder of inhuman nature and thus, the ideas generated out of hungriness of heaven are penned down in quite a simplistic manner for the true realization of heaven. In order to make that possible, the author presents this book, which is because of the tireless effort of past 6-years. However, just as an alive living adore the expression of love, hope, contrary to the dry-as-dust conservative mindset, the book would help idealize awaken feeling for a conscious life that shall do turn the world rightful of matchless heaven. And so the readers can get more than expected out of this book.

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    A Spiritual Poetry Book, The book is about the author’s faith in God & her plans & a positive hope towards life which kept her going & made her invincible no matter what life threw at her.

    Aparajita by: Anjali Saini 89.00
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    ‘Kavita ke jharnon par’ in a season of love has spring, deep eyes, silky hair, kisses, and blossom. In the first light of the morning, you will find sleepy eyes, Roaring River, scented air, bees chatting with nature at Indus River and flowers. You will find trembling lips of the mad girl, eyes full of thirst for a sweet smell, perplexed eyes searching the path in dark night and pain of cruel dreams. The beauty of the poem is the adornment of the young girl where it is related to the desire of the son, the relation of a girl with the mother-in-law. The groundwater in nectar pots, thirst is the charlatanry of the world. There is a pain of beauty and there are blows of time over the pain of divorce. There are dried out the tree in my land, halted chariot in dark nights, resistance and god lover. Whatever has been left out, it will be present in the next book.

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    Dibakar Bose is an educated government officer. He is an honest compartmentalized man. He does not mix his duty with his personal life. His life spans over pre-independence and post-independence era. During his long life, he experiences many facets of human life. He showcases his family tradition of self-effacing simplicity to his sons. From heart attack, Dibakar goes to coma. In coma his eventful life randomly rewinds and finally, Dibakar melts into the icy sun.

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    The Allegory of Endearments: An Anthology, is a sketch of the author’s world. This work is the outcome of imagination and experience. It expresses the role of a believer, the aspiration of a lover, and the purpose of life. This work talks about the dimensions of the physical and metaphysical world. In this book, the aspects of love, faith, charity, altruism, deceit, perseverance, and mythology have been dealt with.

    It is the work of perseverance of the inner voice. It conveys the irrationality in today’s world, propagates the virtue of morality, and throws light on the rudimentary principles of survival and death. This book is the mirror of knowledge.

    It is the creation that also talks about self-governance, the virtue of evolution and the description of living. This text has the layers of the fictional realm which dictates about the attributes of hope, courage, affection, and mortality.

    This work throws light on the value of education and the damages caused by anti-social beings.

    It is the interpretation of realism and at the same time deciphers the fictitious code of love and conviction

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    These random reflections are an anthology of echoes, emanating from the everyday canvass of life in all its settings. The author seeks to create associations and reverberations in the reader’s mind, providing a stimulus for her to dwell on the subtle complexities, ironies, and celebrations of life and nature. Written in a unique, urbane style that borders on delectable prose though poetic and poetic though enjoyable prose, it compels the readers of the present day busy world to have a go at every passage or one-liner and eggs her on to explore further and discover the multiple nuances embedded in the tone and tenor of these writings.

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    This Book “THE FLOWER OF WORD” having two parts. The first part is a poem and the second part is prose. The poem contains many emotions which connected with feelings of childhood, motivation for teenagers and youth, inner feelings of a senior citizen. The prose contains true love story”ADHURE SAPNE”, a dream story and many self-contemplation dealing with present life which is beneficial. Special contents of this book are- Poem” DASHRATH MAANJHI-THE MOUNTAIN MAN in 22 rows”, “BADHA KADAM”, “SAFAR ME AAYE MUSHKILEN”, “NAAW BAHNE KO HAI” AND ” MAI PATHIK HU TERI RAAHON KA”. This book is readable for readers of all ages.

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    “Dil ke paimane se” is the creation of ghazals. This book is about various emerging feeling such as Love, sadness, Happiness, Torture, agony, jealousy, hatred, sacrifice, etc. The author had tried to express many more emotions in this little book.

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