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    Our new release ‘Kaafiya Milaao’ by Pallavi Mishra is a collection of poems which are presented on an online forum named KAAFIYA’ every Friday held by the members of that forum. ln, these weekly sessions viz. ‘Kaafiya Milaao’ the admin would provide cue line written by famous poets and participants would express their thought, imagination based on this line in form of poetry.The initiative taken by the members is to present new poems inculcating the ideas of already written verses. Through these weekly sessions, poets from across country are able to connect and explore many labyrinthine of already written verses.

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    This book is a collection of poems and these poems are exemplifications of romanticism and melancholies that have been imbibed in order to portray unfathomable feelings in relatable contexts. The sole aim is to connect with the readers on a level that invokes nostalgia and pain one has endured in the time that has passed.

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    The ‘Shabdon Ki Lehrein’ is all about human feelings and sentiments. It sensibly describes human acts and behavior in a different situation of life. Issues related to environmental degradation, terrorism/Maoism and socio-economic scenario of lower/lower middle class of society has been touched in a poetic manner. There are prayers as well as complains/questions to the Almighty regarding the distorted behavior of His creations.  There are tears that flow in different situations and express the various aspects of life.  It is bitter and sweet, sour and tasty– is a truth teller of colors of life and society.  Motivational poems are inspirations to get rid of disparity, hopelessness, tension, and depression. It is a ray of light that penetrates into the darkness of sorrow, plight, frustration, and loneliness; dominant prevailing in society.  It is a rainbow of life spanning from childhood to old edge. A must pick up for poetry lovers!

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    An excellent “introduction” for those who have the desire to understand the meaning of brutal heart breaks and are willing to stand up again through the deepest ocean of the poetry. Authors are attempting to shine a light on to the darkest side of life and the unshared thoughts which are prisoners of our mind. Poems contributed in this book reflect writer’s sentiments and inclinations towards art. This book is an execution of all the desolation and grief in the most beautiful manner. Words are of course the most powerful drug used by the mankind. They can create and at the same time, they can destroy. They are not just mere words on the paper rather, a refuge to your midnight blues, the symphony of suffocated voices and remedy to your desiccated eyes. Grab your copy today! A must read!

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    वो लमहें — -एक आईना है ज़िंदगी का ,एक सच्चाई है बीते हुए पालों की,जिसे एहसासों की कलम से, शब्दों के धागों में पिरोकर, कविताओं के ज़रिये पेश किया है |
    हमारे जीवन का हर लम्हां,हमारी हर एक खुशियाँ , पल -पल चलती हुई साँसों में बसी है,ऐसे ही हमारी यादें , उन लम्होँ में बसी है ,जिसे हमने दिल से जिया है |
    चंद ख़ुशियों के सागर भर लो अपनी आखों में , ज़िंदगी के लम्हों की न जाने कब शाम हो जाये|

    WO LAMHE by: Tabassum 750.00
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    We worship the wrong one and love the perfect.We stand up to treacheries as we experience failures.We get hurt and cry the nights.We discover delight seeing the butterfly flight.This is our identity and I am proud that I am still a human. The stages, a human experience, are the reflection of a myth which he wants to live. He is continually wishing his life to be something. Something which he couldn’t have yet needs to have. And, this is what truly matters to Saudade. What are you waiting for ?? Saudade it was, it is and it will be, until the future ends….HURRY UP !! OFFER LIMITED!!

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    The book is a combined rhythmic composition of poetry, story, illustration, songs and psychological ideology in Hindi. Must Read for every age group!

    Rated 5.00 out of 5
    Prachee The Psychology by: PRACHEE TRIPATHI 250.00


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