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    Tomarkus and the Betrayed Planet is Vishal Ved’s debut novel. It is inspired by James Cameron’s Avatar, and J.K.Rowling’s Harry Potter series. In “Tomarkus and the Betrayed Planet”, the author has created a very imaginative world whose problems are unique, and yet, universal. What does it mean to live in an alien land? What circumstances could force someone to leave, abandoning their friends in a burning homeland? How are two planets situated many light years away related to each other? These questions will shape the story and take the readers on an adventurous ride into a world full of difficult challenges and breath-taking betrayals.

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    This book contains fundamentals and detailed information on microbial genetics and molecular biology concepts, useful for graduate-level life sciences students. It also illustrated various basic concepts of moleclar biology topics with detailed neat diagrams. The concept of microbial genetics such as genetic material, plasmids, transposons etc. In the same way molecular biology concepts such as replication, transcrition, translation, regulation of gene expression etc., are well illustrated.The book is very well useful to the both students and faculty of UG level B.Sc. courses such as microbiology, biotechnology, plant and animal life sciences etc.,

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