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    Longer than forever is the dark, edgy and quirky story of romance, betrayal, pain and serene suffocation. Will Yuvaan and Chahek be able to make their forever last? Want to know? Grab your copy today!

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    You may not have proper opportunity to get you may not be have followed the right path to success.This will not happen after reading the most powerful book. This all can be a true way to reach the high destination with your own ability, and power. This book is a result of all high effort and dedication, knowledge combined together to make you feel the power. Grab this highly motivated book today! Hurry Up!125

    CAN I by: ANKIT VERMA 125.00
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    This book throws light on the naked truth of social networking addiction and will enable its readers to know how Facebook is being used by youth for the exploration and presentation of self in order to manifest various facets of their life to an online domain. Want to know more? Go and grab your copy today!

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    Written by a 15- year old boy. His motive through this book is to make people see life in different ways. He chooses all those situations through which almost all go especially, teens. He wrote the book not to motivate but to make people see life in a different way.

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    Thoughts @ 17, is an account of simple incidents of a normal teenager. I have always believed, I have
    lived too dull a childhood to transform into an anthology. Loving parents, satisfied teachers, furious
    sisters and happy me. The sorted lifestyle created a surreal surroundings somehow, too plain to write
    about. But then, on a cold Sunday morning in the company of my typewriter, it hit me. The
    compassionate surreal life can indeed become the most enigmatic element of the text. Instead of telling
    people my story, I can tell them theirs. These small incidents, these anecdotes are experienced by a fair
    mob of people, things that often happen to everyone growing up.

    Thoughts @ 17, is about the small problems made huge with the spectacle of age. It's about our
    astonishments at 7, passions at 12, ambitions at 15 and love at 17. It celebrates the wonders of
    transformation over the years. It's about those first crushes that happened over a text or across the
    class during a fine English period. It's about that one love that can make someone grow in a second. It's
    about the love of family and guidance of sisters, warmth of friendship and comfort of strangers.

    So experience those childhood stares once again, experience formulating your own options and
    understandings. Experience your teenage with words of mine. Thoughts @ 17, is just about a simple guy,
    a teenage everyone has once been in his life.

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    Obesity and unchecked weight gain is a serious problem faced by millions of folks around the world. And weight-loss-a constant persistent nagging ambition. With The Lazy Butt’s Guide, there are no extreme measures or crazy diets and definitely no sudden drops in weight. You will learn simple tips that will help you lose weight naturally, keep them off consistently and in only a few months. You will glow with health and feel great.Go us all lazy butts!! ‘All customers get live guidance everyday by joining the Whatsapp group at 9900567477. Join the group today!’

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