A brief note on Harappan Civilization

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This book ‘A brief note on Harappan civilization throws light on all aspects of
Harappan cultures.It tells that Harappans were literate but their script is still not
deciphered.They were fond of decorating themselves and enjoyed each and every
moment.They played different types of game.People lived in cities in houses built
with burnt bricks.Wheat,barley,rice,milk and dates were important items of food of
Harappan.The household utensils were made of clay,stone,copper and bronze.Iron
was unknown to them.Harappan were well acquainted with the manufacture and
use of bronze.They used weights and measures for trade.The cult of Mother
Goddess was very popular among the Harappans.The cult of Shiva was prevalent
among the Harappans.Although nearly 1000 Harappan sites are discovered,only six
can be regarded as cities.Harappa and Mohenjodaro were two most important
sites.The literal meaning of Mohenjodaro in Sindhi language is ‘Mound of the dead’.
Kalibangan a Harappan site meaning ’bangles of black colour’. Harappan used
precious stones for making seals.The fine engraving on seals and the beautiful
ornaments show that the Harappan had some amount of artistic sense.The discovery
of granaries and urban life style of the people proves that the Harappan people were
prosperous.The Harappan first produced cotton.The Greek called it Sindon,which is
derived from Sindh.Harappan people were mostly peasants and thus the Harappan
civilization was an agro commercial civilization.They domesticated different kinds of
animal.Harappan cities were developed in block pattern(chess board pattern).Most
important feature of town planning of Harappan was its drainage system.Sir John
Marshall played very important role in the discovery of Harappan sites. Around 1400
BC the Harappan sites were completely disappeared.


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  • Author : Dr. Archana Sinha
  • Paperback: 21 pages
  • Publisher: Blue Rose Publishers; 1st edition (3 August 2017)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN: 9789386673398
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