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    Sunil S Sachwani


Happiness Gives Tension-Free Life

by: Sunil S Sachwani
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    Human body considered to be the best (door way to Divinity). God, who showers grace without cause, confers human body by His utter mercifulness and kind grace. As God has by mere compassion He has given us is also given by Grace. Whatever actions are good or otherwise, whatever kind of actions we have done, is of little concern! The important thing is that the dispenser of their fruits is our Supremely Dear friend-from worldly view point, circumstances is of two kinds: – pleasure yielding and pain yielding. But, from spiritual point of view, the circumstances are not of two kinds. To them who love to have God-realization, there are not of two kinds of circumstances. For, God has given this human body only for His realization, has conferred the circumstances also for that very God-realization. Therefore, whatever nature of circumstances we have obtained- whether the most unfavorable circumstance- it is only meant for our spiritual welfare. Whatever nature of the circumstance is made available; it is merely the instrument of God-realization. He who is a “Bhogi” i.e., a seeker of sensual pleasures, to him the circumstance is of dual nature; pleasure-yielding and pain yielding. In Yogi’s view, however circumstances are never of two sorts.

    For accomplishment of spiritual well-being, in an unfavorable circumstance is far better than the favorable circumstance. Why is it better? It is so because in a favorable circumstance there is a possibility because of attachment, of going down in the mire of worldliness but it is not so in midst of an unfavourable circumstance; instead there is the manliness of walking only towards the God-head. For a seeker of God, only two things are of Supreme value; withdrawal from worldliness and complete adherence to god. In favourable circumstances we do get attached to the world; thus there is to be an effort to withdraw from the world. But in an unfavourable circumstance no effort is needed in the act of withdrawal from the world. Therefore, half of the seeker’s work is automatically done in the unfavourable circumstance.

    Unfavourable circumstances are the principal means of God-realization. If we do not like unfavourableness of the circumstances, then we are not at all true seekers of God. We will be real seekers when we believe that the God – sent circumstances is auspicious for us. This is a matter of utterly perfect principle! Ancient scriptures tell us that as we are in fond of nourishment and admonitions, never is there the mother’s ungrace!! In loving the child and in slapping the child, if in need be, mother is never of two hearts; she is never devoid of grace or love. What to say of “want of grace” (a Kripa), instead there is a special grace in her admonitions. When love swells in any mother’s bosom, she will distribute sweetmeat laddus among all the children; but she will not slap all the children who are creating nuisance. She will slap her only one child at a time. Likewise God showers all favourable circumstances on all the people equally alike. But God confers unfavourable circumstances only on them on whom He has special grace, whom He regards His own dear devotees! In unfavourable circumstances, God’s special grace is obtained, sins are destroyed and progressive development is achieved! Who-so-ever have been the great and good ones in history, they have mostly progressed only in adverse circumstances. Very rare Saints says, “There have been who have progressed in favourable circumstances.

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Publisher: BlueRose Publishers
Publish Date: 2019
Page Count: 238

Meet the Author
Blue rose author
The Author Mr. Sunil Sachwani, was born in April 1964 and is a Mumbai resident, professionally he is a banker in free time after banking hours he spends time in performing various duties such as household work and writing articles and books. He writes articles for his Bank’s magazine called "Taarangan" which is published by Bank of India quarterly for the staff of the Bank of India. In 1995 he was inspired by his father-in-law, who as a senior citizen used to write books. The author has written three books in a period of 8-9 days of privilege leave. The author possesses the ability of how to utilize the spare time! So, this is one such example keeping busy in his daily life.

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