Hurly Burly in the city of joy

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Before his stay in Kolkata, D.S.P. Ashutosh Srivastav was investigating a suicidal case at Raxaul in Bihar. Meanwhile, he received an order to participate in a seminar when Devashish Mukherjee shared the compartment. He wanted to know about Srivastav. Srivastav said ‘I am a small businessman and this is my business trip.’ Knowing him a businessman, Mukherjee looked deeply in his eyes and said ‘I would like to do something for your business as I had long experience in your business.’ Reaching Kolkata, Srivastav felt the seminar boring and stuffy and consequently he associated with Mr. Prashant Mazumdar, the superintendent of police crime branch, who was investigating the murder case of Dr. Arbind Ghos. In course of investigation, he decided to meet Devashish Mukherjee. Devashish Mukherjee fulfilled his promise and told him the secrets of seven murders. The cop Srivastav was almost at the conclusion of the mystery. One day, he was looking for more clues for solving the crossword puzzle. Suddenly Mukherjee responded aggressively and said ‘If it’s not possible for you then tell me, I’ll shoot him.’ Mukherjee’s behavior compelled Srivastav to read the reports and documents carefully — word by word. Prashant Mazumdar, the S.P. Crime branch, read the power of attorney again and said ‘DEV ASHISH MUKHERJEE and DEVASHISH MUKHERJEE ?’ Srivastav said ‘Yes Sir. Both are the same person. Indeed, it’s a mistake in preparing and printing the voter identity card by government authority.’ Mr. Mazumdar said ‘How is it even possible ?’ ‘Devashish Mukherjee made it possible with the help of the solicitor- Amar Nath Chaudhary. He was the legal adviser of the syndicate.’ Srivastav said. It is a story of seven murders mystery packed with incidents of thrill and suspense — which happened in the city of Joy ‘Kolkata’.


10 in stock

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  • Author: Mahesh Kumar
  • Paperback: 235 pages
  • Publisher: Blue Rose Publishers; 1st edition (9 August 2017)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN: 978-93-86673-24-4
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