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    Ramkishan Chauhan

ISBN: 9789353472818
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Nature of Mind

by: Ramkishan Chauhan
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    The book describes the story of the struggle of an aspirant of truth namely, Prem Singh, the pen name of the author. He wanted to understand his purpose of life and how it could be achieved in this life time. He was fortunate to have come under the guidance of Shri Raman Maharishi who would inspire him to make inquiries about ‘Who Am I’. His process is called Self-Inquiry. Apart from Self-Inquiry, another thing which struck him the most was the imposter nature of the mind, as told by the Master. Both the principles are very abstract and he had no personal interaction with the Master. While he was trying to understand these two deep philosophies he was guided to approach spiritual master Prem Rawat. He learnt the basics of spirituality from Prem Rawat namely, the difference between the heart and the mind. The heart is the treasure of human virtues and divinity, whereas the mind is an instrument which plays the double roles of a friend and a foe. It is deceitful by nature. It creates illusions and provokes you to several unwanted temptations. The Gita has described the mind as a driver (servant) of the charioteer. Mind is a servant, but through temptations it enslaves the master. Prem realized that he was a habitual slave of the mind and that was the cause of his sufferings. Through the teachings of Prem Rawat, he learnt how he could enjoy a blissful state. When Prem was progressing in the process of Self-Inquiry, he started understanding the intriguing nature of mind. At the same time, some undesirable happening took place in his life because of which he developed an obsessive nature. He was desperate to overcome his personal weaknesses. He was guided by Buddha’s philosophy of cause and effect which states that our nature is like a seed and our circumstances are its result. So to change your circumstance, you need to change your nature. He was learning by interacting with practitioners and under the guidance of Sensei Daisaku Ikeda. Gradually, he developed a challenging and compassionate spirit. With true understanding of the nature of the mind, he regained his control over mind and the blissful state. He has been guided by three spiritual Masters, saints and philosophers in his journey of spirituality. Aspirants will enjoy reading it and will benefit in their journeys.

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ISBN: 9789353472818
SKU: 2056
Publisher: BlueRose Publishers
Publish Date: 2019
Page Count: 104

Meet the Author
Blue rose author
Ram Kishan Chauhan completed his degree in Aeronautical Engineering from Punjab Engineering College Chandigarh in 1968. He joined DRDO in 1969. He served DRDO and the Ministry of Defence in various capacities from scientist A to G. He contributed in areas of prototype development of aero engine, quality control, airworthiness of aircraft and aircraft accident investigations. During his service time, DRDO sponsored him for M Tech studies from IIT Kanpur. He retired as Scientist G and Director from DRDO. Post retirement, he is serving as a professor at Amity Institute of Aerospace Engineering, Amity University, Noida Uttar Pradesh. He is fond of Urdu poetry but his main interest lies in intriguing human behaviour. It always puzzled him how the human nature works. The guidance of spiritual masters and his understanding became the compelling reasons for sharing his experiences for the benefit of readers through writing this book. This is his first attempt at writing a book. Teachings of great religious leaders have deeply influenced his life. Understanding the ‘Nature of Mind’ will help the readers and the aspirants to avoid pitfalls and traps in their journey of spiritual life.

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