Precast Concrete Technology (Future Of Civil Engineering)

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The PRECAST TECHNOLOGY & HOLLOW CORE SLABS method statements describe the steps involved production, transportation, storage and erection of tilt precast elements and HOLLOW CORE SLABS including grouting at the site.

To avoid labour shortage, time delays and with an aim to deliver quality products, developers and builders are now adopting precast technology. The main advantages of precast technology are quality, speed of construction, and a value-for-money product.

The use of such technology helps in saving up to 64 per cent of the time taken for similar projects using normal construction methods and technology. In other words, if normal brick-and-mortar method takes one year to complete a project, the precast method takes about four months.

The precast technology has been imported from Germany, Finland and Dubai to give a boost to reality sector in India and develop the skill set of Indian labour in foreign technology. This technology has already been proven and tested on foreign shores and now is going to share its benefits with Indian buyers.

The whole precast process cost the company 10 per cent more than regular methods, however its commitment to deliver the project on time with quality work has driven them to use the precast so that buyers can get value for their hard earned money.


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  • Author: Nirajan Kumar Jha
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