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    Dr. Akhilesh Pratap Singh Tomar

ISBN: 9789353472320
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Shabdon Ka Mela

by: Dr. Akhilesh Pratap Singh Tomar
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About This Book
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    It is a collection of Hindi poems written by Dr. Akhilesh Tomar.
    Summary- “Shabdon Ka Mela” is a collection of 101 poems which will
    take readers through the various aspects of society.The author
    explores various themes and topics of interest such as nature, human
    relations, village life, friendship etc. this book is a blend of
    different human emotions entangled beautifully through the art of
    poetry wherein the readers can relate themselves. It reflects culture
    and heritage of India, as well as emotions and feelings in each
    word.Some poems are short, and others are lengthy but the imagination
    and artistry of the poet may be felt by the readers everywhere.Not
    only readers can laugh or cry with the poems but at many places these
    poems will touch every string of the heart to make it sing. It is a
    gallery comprised of love, compassion, kindness, humanity, ethics and
    moral values.

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ISBN: 9789353472320
SKU: 2318
Publisher: BlueRose Publishers
Publish Date: 2019
Page Count: 183

Meet the Author
Blue rose author
Dr. Akhilesh Tomar is a doctor by profession and a poet by passion.This is his first book written entirely from the core of his heart.He is married with a Doctor and the couple has a single sweet daughter.

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