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THE BACK COVER The Voice … The Sixth Sense … The Intuition … The Calling … The Sign … The Message … The Light … The Soul … The Heart … The Passage … The Door … The Key … The Blessing … The Guardian … The Helping Hand … The Angel … The Saviour … The God. These are all synonyms glued by different consonants and vowels. Unfortunately, society is the authority and will never accept THE NEW AGE SUBJECTS. Society runs a circus and promotes slavery. We are blessed but society is damaging our brains. Therefore, we behave like zombies. We are programmed to have a miserable life since childhood. Society is nothing but a bully. A Pandora’s box! Schools, Colleges, Institutions are crammers. They want us to be numero uno all the time. They want us to be a good Samaritan? Honestly, they make us lousy in the process. Our sole purpose in life is to serve Humanity. Otherwise, Civilization will be our nemesis. ABOUT ME My name signifies CANDLELIGHT. It is not an accident. I believe in Spirituality. I wish to explore the Metaphysical. I want to spread love beyond boundaries. “VASUDHAIVA KUTUMBAKAM” “THE WORLD IS ONE FAMILY”…


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  • Author: Diptej Jamdar
  • Paperback: 39 pages
  • Publisher: Blue Rose Publishers (2017)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 1945604875
  • ISBN-13: 978-1945604874
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