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    Linthoi chanu

ISBN: "978-93-87538-49-8"
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by: Linthoi chanu
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    *With Prince Poireitol, the immortal humans emerged from their subterranean Kingdom.

    *Lord Pakhangba was meant to rule as the first king but the young lord discovered that he was much more than just an ordinary human.

    *The two royal brothers, Prince Yoimongba and Prince Touthingmang embarked on an adventurous journey that twisted their fate into one most unpredictable.

    *Long after the days of magic and charms were gone, Prince Hongnemyoi had to struggle as a royalty under his strict father to find his own self-worth. As a prince who loves peace and gentleness, his father’s love for terror began to suffocate his life’s choices.

    “…After taking a moment to digest the out of the ordinary transformation; he gathered his courage and bent down the water to see his reflection. Instead of his face, there was a reflection of a huge serpent head, slit yellow eyes, razor-sharp teeth; a huge pair of antlers protruding above his elongated wolfish ears, and rich bristly golden mane sticking out from his head to all the way down his spine…”

    From a pristine love-story of an underworld Prince to the rise of the first King and the adventures of his descendants; the tales of Kanglei throne takes us on a breath-taking journey back to a kingdom that existed thousands of years ago.

    Based on oral folktales and ancient manuscripts; these collections of tales are retold in a much dramatic, vivid and thrilling mythological fiction.

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ISBN: "978-93-87538-49-8"
SKU: 1483
Publisher: BlueRose Publishers
Publish Date: 2017
Page Count: 365

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