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ISBN: 9789353470531

The Secrets of Aisle, Middle, Window & Cockpit

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    “The Secrets of AISLE, MIDDLE, WINDOW & COCKPIT” is a delightful Masterpiece by D A ROCKS, in ‘The Destiny Collection Series’.
    The novel is an ensemble of lives of four Chitchor romantics: Lalit, Vijay, Nirav and Mehul.

    Vijay is an ace Wedding planner carrying out Tia’s Wedding with Mehul, a debonair Pilot. Tia doesn’t turn up on the wedding day, but Mehul still goes ahead and gets married in the same mandap.

    How is that possible? Who does Mehul get married to?

    Why didn’t Tia make it for her own wedding?

    After a few weeks, Vijay is on a flight to Delhi and instantly falls for Naina, the air hostess. Nirav is fast asleep on the window seat. Lalit on Aisle opens up to Vijay in the Middle, that he is an Angel investor madly in love with his sweetheart, Mojito. Sadly, he can’t marry her as she is getting married to a family friend. Lalit is off to the washroom, and Nirav wakes up to eat. During the conversation with Vijay, Nirav talks about his ambitious Startup idea and wedding plans with Kavya, a family friend.

    When Mojito looks into the mirror, she sees kavya. what’s the deepest connection between Mojito & Kavya?

    What does Vijay do with the Secrets of Lalit & Nirav?. Will Vijay choose to get the wedding business of Nirav & Kavya, or help Lalit marry Mojito, or a Quid pro quo between Lalit and Nirav?, OR does he have an agenda of his own?

    Dive into beautiful romantic relationships of:

    A Wedding Planner & An Air hostess;

    An Angel Investor & A Cricketer;

    A food blogger & A passionate admirer of the food blogger;

    A Pilot who is in a state of war from within, when he realizes he has feelings for his dead friend’s wife.

    This novel also celebrates friendship; some you make, some just happens.

    The carefully written narrative, well defined subplots, delicately etched characters, and meaningful characterization, takes you deep into the world of their Secrets.

    Indulge and immerse in this work of fiction, and make it a part of your Book shelf and personal treasure.

    The next time you book a flight, ask for a ‘MIDDLE’ seat.

    Fasten your seat belts and embark on a marvel, filled with fun, adventure, dreams, romance, suspense, thrill, humor, love, heartbreak and hope, as this flight changes everyone’s life for good.

    The flight soars into skies. Will these delicately etched characters ever come back?

    About the Author:

    D A ROCKS is a natural writer, an empathetic reader of situations, a personal brand, and has a curious heart for a slice of life.

    He holds an MBA, and is a part of the Core leadership Team in an MNC.
    He loves music and admires talent.

    He is a strong believer that life is a destiny and not a coincidence.

    Favourite quote: There is no prosthetic for an amputated soul.

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ISBN: 9789353470531
Publisher: BlueRose Publishers
Publish Date: 2019
Page Count: 194

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