Iridescent Life By Sonal Bharija
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How it all started?

I am 29-year-old and still learning the ways of life, relationships and people. When I was told to write this article about the journey of my book Iridescent Life I was blank because clearly, it was 2:00 p.m. and I was relaxing after my lunch.


Avoiding my unnecessary humour now, I would love to share my journey from being an over-hyper impatient lecturer to a very patient and a blessed author. I started writing 1 year back when I was not too happy in life because of certain issues that everyone has. The main purpose of writing down my thoughts was to get rid of stress I was going through; not many people know but writing down our problems can really help our minds de-stressing and that’s what it did for me too. I never knew that my writing could ever influence anyone but it did when one day my husband tried reading one of the pages from my folder. He motivated me to write more and for the people now it gives me immense pleasure when people look forward to reading what I write or what I will be writing.

Writing for me has never been a “work” or a pass time; it gives me a sense of responsibility and I feel contended when I finish each chapter. I have always been honest with my writing and content. Real life has always inspired me more than fairy stories or fictional stories. The twists and turns, the drama the emotions we face in our real life are stranger than any made up stories. I think people around the world have the same behaviors but are unaware of most of them. I think we need to learn more about ourselves first to expect anything from others. 

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