How To Quit Your Job And Start A Business By Sumill Punamiya
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Quitting your Job might be a lot easier than you think!

Trust Sumill Punamiya, the author of the recently published book How to Quit your Job and Start a Business, who has turned his life around for a bigger purpose. When asked about his inspiration to write a book on this subject, he says, “Certain life events forced me to take a break from the monotony and grind of the agency life, which I’ve been living for past 7 years. That gave me this opportunity to sit back and observe people and their challenges. Most of them were my colleagues who were sick and tired of working for someone else but didn’t have any other alternative. I instantly knew I can help them and others who really wish to quit their job and help them get the business idea off the ground. This book is just the beginning.”

Sumill Punamiya, a name amongst millions of Millennial, has observed the corporate world closely through his own Ad Agency, Revert India. Having worked for 60+ Brands across different sectors on 500+ projects for 7+ years, he believes he’s cracked the code to scale up any business, from any phase cycle, no matter which industry it caters to. As he says, “The ingredients of any business still remain the same—The Product/Service, the Market and the Consumers. Just the recipe differs.”

This book not just helps you in understanding the structure of the business, but also what stops you from quitting the job in the first place. Until that happens, no way you can think of starting a Business; let alone running it successfully. It tells you ways in which you can ‘Train your Brain’ to let you achieve any results (quitting the job being the easiest of all.)

Sumill Punamiya believes he’s just a catalyst trying to speed up this (from quitting the job to starting your business) process. The decision to choose and its execution still lies with the person wanting the ‘Change’. He’s, hence, chosen the profession of Brand and Business Consulting for a reason.

About the book, you can look at it as a structured manual you can follow that’ll help you achieve this change or look at the various aspects (covered in the book) as different dots; you can eventually connect to make the big picture that you always ignore!

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