Positivism Makes Our Life Cheerful By Taruna Gupta
On July 20, 2018 | 0 Comments

A person who never commits mistake can never learn. In fact, committing mistakes is one of the learning strategies that help us to make ourselves perfect by effacing our flaws. No human being born on this earth is perfect. Only God is perfect and reaching the state of perfection is not a cakewalk. This state is achieved after incessant efforts.

Once a renowned saint Sri Ramakrishna Paramhansa was interviewed that he has reached the state of salvation, should he be called a perfect scholar. He very innocently replied that he’s still like a small kid who has to learn a lot and this process of learning shall go on till his last breath. It’s always said that a wise person learns from his errors. If we don’t pay attention to our faults or we neglect them, then we are certainly committing a crime. We’re deceiving ourselves if we are concealing our errors. A strong person never shields his flaws but takes severe measures to correct them. It needs patience. It needs practice. It needs constant introspection.


Our psyche is just like an atom which contains electrons and protons in equal number i.e. good qualities as well as bad qualities. A wise man removes his defects at every step. He welcomes failures and accepts them with an open heart. He never cries or regrets at errors. Only a fearful and foolish mind lament. They waste their precious time in grieving and mourning. Such fellows have pessimistic view of life and perhaps that never learn. They only grumble and wail. They fear taking risks. In fact, they fear to innovate. Problems become a bugbear for them.


Instead of lamenting, one should spend his time in pondering over his flaws that where he went wrong and should take a vow not to commit them again.


Such view will definitely help us in moving forward in our life with determined efforts and to win the race of life one has to move on and on. We’ll receive jolts but we don’t have to halt. In this fast era, spending our clock in brooding is a sheer misuse of time. Let the precious moments of life be spent in learning rather than in mourning. Let they be spent in listening to our inner voice rather in losing our poise. Never loathe the bad circumstances because they come to teach us. The innovative invites and adores them because he knows only these would make him tougher and stronger. This shall help him to erase his deficiencies to make him an exalted soul. To reach a higher state, to climb lofty peaks one need to strengthen himself and only our mistakes will help us. So, we should always thank almighty if He gives us failures, instead of cursing Him or our luck.


This perception will enhance our devotion and His grace. So, a genuine devotee always remains stable in whatever circumstances he is to put in. He learns the art of living and after all, life is an art. We have to fill in the painting of life beautiful colors. This will make our life lively, vivid, and cheerful.


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