Tikri’s Fiasco By Rishav Sharma
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Tikri’s Fiasco- A Glimpse

At Qasad headquarters in Briewsel, Raqsad, the Chief of Qasad got an anonymous mail, which wrote-

“‘The consignment would reach on time as always, and in return, the gold mining rules should be adhered properly. Any glitch, no matter how small it is, would lead to the termination of this deal and ultimate problem for everyone directly or indirectly involved!’ a mail has been routed to Seculars from Tikran.”

Each mail from this anonymous group had a cryptic signature embedded in it. No one knew the origin of these cryptic strings.

He was alarmed. “Who could this be? What is the purpose of this mail? Who is the sender? Is the sender a valid source?”
Several questions popped up in his mind. First, he thought to reply but feared if it was some kind of virus-trap or spam.

Next day another mail popped up, which wrote-
“If you want to know about the details of this message, meet at the Salome Beach at 4 p.m.”

Salome beach was the most popular beach of Briewsel. The Briewish Chief did not find it important to inform anyone regarding the same, instead, he went to the beach alone. It was autumn in Briewsel and the beach was empty. Raqsad found no one.

It was 4 p.m. sharp when his phone rang. The caller id showed, “Anonymous”.
“The world is in danger, some big things are happening in the lands of Tikran. We have a way to stop it. We have traced the information of Seculars and Tikran. Are you going to ally with us?” Said the voice over the phone.

“Who is this? How do I know the validity of the source?” Asked Raqsad.
“Oh! You will know… Send one of your agents to Tikran at the mosque in Masdthad
on the first day of Rakajan (a Tikri holy festival), you will find someone at the mosque.”
“Who will my agent meet there?”
“He must wait for a priest. The priest will ask a question, and answer to the question is ‘in pursuit of the gold mines,’” said the voice and the connection was cut.

“Was it Seculars? Or a group of hackers? Who would get such type of information and would care to inform us? Is this a trap?” Dwelling in these thoughts, Raqsad decided to play on instincts and called up a high profile meeting to send one of his personnel to the lands of Masdthad.

The meeting included the most prominent members of the Qasad. Victor Greyjem, a bald handsome man, with a bushy pointed beard and fluent in several languages including Tikri, was appointed for the task and was asked to leave for the holy mosque at Masdthad.

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