India – My Heavenly Abode By Anshuman Gupta
On July 21, 2018 | 0 Comments


So how does one define ‘love’? It’s amazing how such a small word is so difficult to define, and yet has been beautifully expressed in a myriad of ways. But one thing is clear–the word elicits the deepest of our emotions and makes us do wonders.

What about the love for one’s country? We all love our country. We call it patriotism and wear it on our sleeves. We hoist flags, paint our faces in shades of tricolour during cricket matches, and play our national anthem in our cinema halls. We swear by our love for our nation, and deride anybody who highlights any problem, right? We take pride in our culture, values and diversity, natural beauty and our warm, welcoming inhabitants.

We do not want to listen to anything negative, and why should we? After all, we are positive people, and we should look at only the good part, and ignore the rest. Well, should we? Is that what one does to one’s loved ones? Take the good part, and discard the bad part? Can ignorance ever be a precursor to eternal bliss? If we turn a blind eye to the burning issues of our motherland, would that still be called ‘love’? If we continue to be fine with the way our country has been subjected to plunder by marauding fraudsters and corrupt public servants, won’t our country keep singing the song by Haddaway, “Don’t Hurt Me, nomore… What is Love?”

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