Euphoric Love By Vinoth Indrajit
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Euphoric Love is a pleasant love story with spine chilling moments.  The prime characters are Deepa and Ram who attracted to each other, but ego scratches them from behind in expressing their love to each other. Ram desperately tries to get the attention of Deepa, but due to family and caste issues, Deepa is forced to ignore Ram.

After some point of time, Deepa accepts the love of Ram, but her family has other plans and arranges her marriage to Naren. Naren comes from a different background, having relationships with too many girls and then Ram tries to protect Deepa from Naren. Finally, who will marry Deepa? Naren or Ram? Will Ram able to win Deepa’s heart?

A usual love story, but something unusual A girls life is in danger. What is going to happen to her? Whats the secret behind their lives? Who is going to unfold the hidden truth?

This is a story about their love and how they are madly in love with their loved ones.  The story has a bunch of interesting and supporting characters and series of twists and turns which shall be loved by readers. The book has combined feelings of love, romance, thrill, pain, humor, family bonding and humanity. The one-word description would be a beautiful story of life and love.

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