The Unfulfilled Fancy By Sonali Rana
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Sonali always had to pin down her world as if she is to create an archive of sorts. It does not necessarily contain her life’s experiences but a varied mix of experiences, incidences, and inspirations while reading other’s works or even an article in a newspaper or a publication. She always believed that everybody needs to find one’s ESCAPE CAVE that is where one can be alone and maybe get rid of all the negatives in life (for a while maybe) and just be happy. Few find that cave in music others in gardening but for Sonali that ESCAPE CAVE was always in writing- that made her happy.

Considering her interests in the literary world, she had always liked the writings of Dan Brown and Gillian Flynn among others. She has always welcomed her contemporaries, though quite unlikely in this competitiveness, for inputs and suggestions and even gets inspired because that gives an immense insight into narratives and descriptions that go into writing a vivid story. And she has used that well to write her multi-layered characters.

The Unfulfilled Fancy is a linear tale with a few flashbacks. The story is divided into small chapters or scenes unfolding its mysteries into murder, deceit, dilemma, and yearning to name a few. The narrative is through the protagonist- Begum Ruksana – a lady yearning for desire. Grab a copy for yourself to know what this yearning turns into and immerse yourself in The Unfulfilled Fancy by Sonali Rana.

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