Blue Rose Presents – Cowardly Valiance
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The title of the book is Cowardly Valiance which speaks in paradox. The story shows that even someone who is considered to be the epitome of strength feels harrowing pain and crippling fear. Though the story is written in third person narrative, yet it foregrounds the feelings of the protagonist.

The story is about a boxer who is the champion in non-professional boxing bouts organized by a company called Realm Boxing. Matches organised by Realm Boxing were for entertainment and not related to amateur or professional boxing. The champion with the ring name Harkwood is legendary in the small world of Realm Boxing. He is considered to be an invincible fighter with no weakness but he is actually a loner who struggles to make ends meet. His boxing life, for which he is praised, takes everything out of him both physically and emotionally. The feared champion leads a miserable life and he has only himself to blame. The audience of Realm Boxing admired him but little did they know that he was getting ripped from the inside every second. He had won against many opponents and has provided entertainment for many but now all he wanted was that one thing which remained absent throughout life — hope.

The story is mainly about the boxing matches and the emotional struggle of the main character. It is about his dreams, hopes, fear, distress and all the sufferings that come with it. The genre is boxing and drama. The book has 20 chapters with a prologue and an epilogue.

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