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  • Ink Smudged Dreams- by the Reading Light by: Debaleena Mukherjee 135.00
     Ink-Smudged Dreams- by the Reading Light’ is a collection of poems. Poems that reflect the many facets of my life: maybe any woman’s life. Certain moments, fleeting experiences, lasting impressions, unknown anxieties, silly apprehensions, humble realization, intense joys and every hurt felt; these are the poems’ moods . And above all a growing perception that life is not about tomorrow: it is about today. But all these are not my consciously addressed ideas. Each day, they have gently enfolded me. Then in the quiet of the night, I would sit down and pour my heart out on paper. Drowsy, blurred, and very close to my heart. These are those ink-smudged dreams by the reading light. – DEBALEENA MUKHERJEE
  • Coffee Smiles & Tears by Starlight (Short Stories) by: Debaleena Mukherjee 200.00

    Coffee, Smiles & Tears: by Starlight”; is a collection of short stories. These are vignettes and miniatures. They are the doll’s- house in my heart. These tales are of fleeting moments in which we live a lifetime of emotions. These are my ‘Wonders’ and ‘Closures’ in life. I emerged from the cocoon;I found my wings. Here are stories of “Life” that never ceases to surprise me. As with my collection of poems, so with these stories, this is “Life” as I see it. They are ramblings, musings. I claim no definition, because, for me life does not come with tags. It enfolds you every which way. Being a coffee lover, I believe in dipping every nuance of my life in coffee, especially late into the night. I love looking at the night sky and gazing at the stars. They know of my tears and smiles. So that’s my time to watch the starlight blend into my coffee. Debaleena Mukherjee.

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