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Ahana Srivastava

Ahana is an immensely talented, confident, and creative girl. At the young age of nine, only she started writing beautiful short stories with deep meanings. Her love for writing was visible in the family when she wrote around 42 short stories and shared them with her parents. Her 1 st book is already on the shelf “Once Upon A Time” Comprised of 20 Short Stories with unique
moral attached to every story along with a self-drawn pictorial representation of every story.
Ahana comes from the family of Great writer & Renowned Judge, her grandfather Shri Chandrabhal Srivastava &; Sukumar; is a strong signature of Hindi literature with over 31 Published books, Ahana is carrying the same legacy ahead and committed to achieving new milestones one after other. She is a confident speaker and the way she delivers speeches on stage is just flawless. Ahana loves to dance in her free time. She is a vibrant artist &; has given many theatre performances/short plays.

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