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Ananya ( Mrs. Sushmita ), as the name suggests is an illuminated soul and a healer to the world. An alumni of the prestigious Gauhati University of Assam, A master’s degree holder MA in English literature – she has the innate power of penning her thoughts in the most soulful and delightful way. Divinity being an ingrained virtue, she is also an adroit Professional Counselor trained by CTAA (USA). Words of wisdom and providing succour to the suffering come naturally to her. Born and brought up in the verdant and evergreen eastern hill station –she carries the freshness and alacrity of nature in her persona and her creation. She is also a trained and accomplished Holistic (Pranik )

Healer trained by YPV Mumbai. The magic of the healing touch is also reflected in her persona and her writings. Multi-talented as she is, she is also a trained Kathak danseuse ( trained NIPUN from Bhatkhande school of Lucknow ).In addition to all that mentioned above, she is also fluent and conversant in various languages both Indian and foreign. As a Counselor and a professional healer, this maiden venture – “You are never Alone’’ exemplifies her commitment to be of help to humanity at large. A mother, a beautiful soul, a friend to humanity, healer to the sufferers and a media of the divine is what she stands for.

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