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After spending almost 7 years in a boarding school, certain thoughts used to cross my mind about life & relations. As an introvert, I used to spend most of my time either writing or observing nature. The mountains surrounded my boarding school from three sides which gave it an epic view during the dawn, where you could see the sunset within the mountains in the orange sky, while the chirping of the birds used to end with the dark. The dark grasses used to peep out the humming noises of the insects and I still remember that I used to run around the fireflies to catch them within my fist, thinking it as it was a gift from the dark sky. While growing up, the responsibilities came without knocking on the door of my childhood and I started realizing that, money and relationships with people are the necessity of life. My desire to explore nature around the world made me capable enough to roam around 6 countries till now in the last 3 years and counting. The other half of my personality to contribute my serving society has crashed me into a paramedical practitioner as a profession. This book is a collection of my thoughts at different places with those certain sets of thoughts for a person, who came into my life a couple of years ago and made me strong by supporting me in my hardest times and for whom I have no doubt in giving the credit of my success. Although the turn of events that made us apart has been the most unexpected moment but the affection within our bond will always last forever and will be remembered by those, who have been the evidence of the same. The reader of this book will also join the forces by indulging and visualizing these words across their mind and soul, to re-live that every moment as I’ve lived, by loving and caring for them. Till The End Of Time..

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