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 Anupam V. Jessy  
 I am from a middle-class family. I was born on 2 November 1996 to my grandmother. I migrate from my village Semri-Rajapur, Sub-dist. Lambhua and District Sultanpur U.P. . I have three brothers, I live with my parents, grandparents, sister-in-law and a nephew. I started my education in primary school of Hindi Pathshala. I was very interested in studying, but during high school subject registered, I came to know that I am in the art side instead of the science side for some reason and I could not do anything for it, then I lost my mind while studying. Then without reading B.A. Graduated too and when the importance of studies was not shown to me, I stopped further studies.My childhood habit was that I was always alone. Whether it is moist or happiness, my loneliness remains my world. During this time in 2014, I got a chance to make a friend and she also became the first special in the world for me. I came to know with him that any success is easy for me. He always told me one thing that the right life is the one that leads one towards the right guidance. Well, I was there earlier but I got the right direction with her only. I consider her my mentor (Guru).
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