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Aryama Sanyal

Aryama Sanyal was born on 19th July 1963 in a distinguished Bengali family. Her father worked in Govt. of India Accounts & Audit department. She traveled extensively with her father as his work carried him from one part of India to another. She joined the National Airports Authority of India in the year 1989 as Aerodrome Officer. Her own job in the National Airports Authority of India and later in the Airports Authority of India took her from one part of India to another. Due to extensive travel, she is well versed in Bengali, English, and Hindi.

In the year 2017, she joined Indore Airport as General Manager level Airport Director. During her tenure at Indore Airport, the Airport won many international and national awards for customer services and facilitation.

She has been writing in Bengali and English since her early childhood. At the age of 15, her first fictional book for children – Adventures of Billy Wagon was published. In the year 2003, she penned a book of poems titled ” Rush of words” . From the year 2003 to 2012 she had been managing online e-magazine as editor.

During her posting at Indore she has penned the Hindi fictional book comprising of poems and short stories on Airport and Aviation to provide the reader a peek into the world of Aviation.

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