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Awadhesh Sinha, author of the novel ‘Dress Code’, is a journalist by profession. Many of his articles – poems have been published in various journals and magazines. Some of his news has also been in the news. Mr. Sinha’s first novel ‘Reporter’ came out in 2018. Its story reflects his 28 years of journalism. For example, the decline in journalism, the current system of newspapers, and the inner truth is very beautifully written as a story. His new novel ‘Dress Code’ is ready to print, which focuses on social issues. The credibility of the story is enhanced by the newspaper cutting in the book. The writer Mr. Sinha is currently a Senior Sub-Editor in a Hindi daily published from Patna. The work of writing them is going on continuously. The third novel ‘Name Plate’ is coming soon. Its story is based on a true incident.

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