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Chansa Makan

“Mr. Chnasa makan’s living ghosts and other uncanny stories are interesting

Tales told by those witnesses who believe to have encountered living ghosts

In real life. Collected from the hill regions of manipur, north Eastern India, these imaginary stories represent the voices of a section of Manipuries who still cling to the old beliefs and

Practices in the age of globalization. The living ghosts in the stories are wicket to the core,

Who come in disguise to live with the human soul.
Pretending to love, they try and harm humans till they are punished by the gods.
Peppered with local dialects, these stories meditate between earth and heaven, god and human beings, surreal and sensual and the living and dead. I appreciate Makan’s efforts in trying to put together such hair- raising folks stories in seamless blends of the unknown and the utopiun, tailor- made for the metropolitan millennials today, blissfully oblivious to the same.

Raj kumar

Professor of English, Delhi university”

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