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Col KD Segan

COL KD SEGAN comes from an army background. He grew up listening to war exploits of his Grandfather during the World War-I and of his father during the World War-II. When the time came, he too chose the profession of arms and got commissioned in 1963. These values he has passed on to the generation next and both his sons who joined the army and are presently serving officers. Elder is a Brigadier decorated with Shaurya Chakra and Sena Medal. The younger one is a Lt Col with a Commendation Card. His grandson too has followed the footsteps and is presently under training as a Gentleman Cadet, soon to be commissioned as a fifth generation soldier of direct lineage. Col Segan is a veteran of 1965 and 1971 wars &‘OP PAWAN’ in Sri Lanka. While in service he inculcated hobbies like music, acting, adventure sports and writing. Currently he divides his time between preparing Boys &
Girls for armed forces at ALPS ACADEMY and writing books. His two novels
‘WOLVES AND RAPTORS’ and ‘RED TO GREEN’ have already been published and his latest ‘WITH LOVE FROM ISRAEL’ is being offered to you.

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