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Colonel Aftab Ahmad Siddiqui

He is a 74-years-old retired Indian Army Colonel and a medical doctor by profession. He has been writing since the age of 19 years although he learnt the language only at the age of 13 years. Originally from Bhopal (Central India) where he lived as a child with his maternal grandfather, late Mansoor Ahmad, a retired civil engineer, he is now settled in Shillong, Meghalaya. His grandfather was a highly emancipated man who brought up and groomed him. Through him the author was exposed to the language which became a coup-de-foudre (some sudden unforeseen event, especially love at first sight). The Late Mansoor Ahmad’s college going daughters would read their English lessons written by Shakespeare, Byron, Shelley, Tennyson and Keats aloud by soliloquy. As a playful child, he would get alerted to their mellifluous vocabulary which sounded music to his ears. By the age of 19 years he took to writing philosophy on bits of papers discarded here and there as rubbish.
Meanwhile, he qualified as a medical graduate in 1967 from GR Medical College (1962-67 batch). In 1968, he joined the Indian army. He married Hamida Siddiqui-nee Khatoon in Shillong in 1974 and has two sons.

His late father, Shri Anwar Ahmad Siddiqui, was a ‘B’ grade bureaucrat of English times and originally belonged to C P & Berar cadre. His late Mother, Mrs Naseem Siddiqui- nee Bano, was an intermediate of 1940. He has been deeply influenced by his late parent and late maternal grandfather. He is a War veteran at Eastern as well as Western front in 1971 of Indo-Pak-Bangladesh evolution War. As already mentioned he took to writing philosophy and short stories at a young age. He wrote his first philosophy “Marriage and You” in 1972 at the bar of Officers Mess of 60 PARA Medical Company at Agra Cantt over a glass of drink inundated by euphoria at winning a war against a braggart country. The thought traversed his mind that ‘Marriage is the demand of Nature.’
His present book, ‘Florilegium of philosophy’, is a collection of selected articles about various aspects of writing philosophy, life, existence and nature relating to one’s survival on the enigmatic terrestrial globe and its technicalities. Everybody must read and enjoy it.

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