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Counselor Rima k

counselor Rima k is a gem. She is a divinely blessed child since her childhood. She believes love is all which can make man and break as well. The highest power in this world is love which can conquer the universe along with god. she is a super dancer, writer, freehand painter, positive aura, tarot card reader who believes when it comes to anything positive energy is needed to bring every protocol into the procedures.she never loved any of the actors but always wanted to be in Bollywood. Her childhood dream was to visit Mumbai as she believes that if any parents support their children in their dreams then one can achieve it. parents’ support is the biggest to make any dreamS come true. In 2012 she felt for Salman khan’s sadness regarding his life as she is psychic too.But in 2018 she was getting numerous dreams and she finally has fallen in love with Salman khan truly, madly, and deeply. SHE ACCEPTED HIS FAMILY AS HER OWN FAMILY. SHE LOVES HIS FAMILY MEMBERS AND RESPECTS EVERYTHING WHATEVER HIS FAMILY HAS GONE THROUGH. SHE NEVER BELIEVES IN MEDIA AND SHE BELIEVES WHAT SHE BELIEVES. SHE IS VERY ADAMENT BY NATURE, IF THE WORLD GOES AGAINST OF HER CHOICE SHE WOULD NEVER CARE FOR THAT AND WOULD STAND ALL ALONE TO FIGHT FOR HER DREAM.

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