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My  name  is MAHADHAR, and i have always been in the habit of watching movies on top of that my mind was blown away, all the  friends wanted to go, so the artist did not find work, I come up with idea that the story should be offered at the feet  of the of  the artist so that  my name does not fall under the name of mahadhar. If I go to the theater  and watch movies, i got to the place where  the movie’ is being madel have tried to travel around the world for four seasons, but i did not get the chance. The movie  i was born, eventually incarnated as a writer and tried to take the story.but why is the story in the silver screen called kalamathalli?  So far I do not like my stories beings in theattic at home like that hence the books decide I will 
re crazy about writings love stories, So I wrote 143 love stories,  it’s like a book to me( love @love ) nt released.  But iam releasing a book of 11 love stories in the first place your th….tq.

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