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Devesh Singh

Devesh Singh is the author behind the novel “You Are THEE PRIORITY”, professionally working as an IT Project Manager with FirstRand Bank at present, an engineer by profession, a motivational speaker and has experienced his inner conscience at its peak. He has addressed the audience as a guest speaker in regards to survival of the fittest in MNC. His enthusiasm is to connect mankind to their own best being by the methods and the practices have been penned down in this book. His work across ecclesiastic disciplines broadly addresses narratives of human experience. Mr. Singh has worked in all mediums of divine and from there itself the sense was commenced of “You Are THEE PRIORITY”. When you want something, the Universe conspires to help you in achieving it, he seeks to ignite this phrase into you to be the best being of you. According to the author, the beginning and end of this book make one key point: “you need to see yourself as PRIORITY, in order to see the world in its actual form. Everything in- between fuels this message, while giving you many other insights along the way”. This book is a wonderful way to measure how virtuous the life you live actually is and at the very same moment a great reminder that it’s never too late to struggle to get there.

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