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Dheeraj Kumar

Dheeraj Kumar, born on 27th November 1986 in a lower-middle-class family at Sitamarhi Bihar, has started his primary education at Bihar government school and completed his post-graduation from Bihar university Muzaffarpur in 2010. he has a continuous attraction towards Hindi literature and writing was one of his best hobbies during the college days and he has been motivated to write poetry by reading Dinkar’s poetry and premchandra’s stories & novels initially. Gradually he has studied the great soul of Hindi scholars and decided to contribute something to Hindi literature as per his capabilities and observations. Right now he is a passionate poet and dedicated to serving his society through his poetry.

His belief is that literature and poetry play a vital role to strengthen both personal and social life. If we are well connected with literature, we are connected with our surroundings and we cannot derail from our goal. His poetic thought basically stated as ” we owe so many things from society but as a return what we are giving; once we have to think.”

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