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Dr Dheeraj Gautam Bharatiya

Dr. Dheeraj Gautam Bharatiya (MBA, Ph.D.) is an Award-winning personality, writer, expert, global consultant and one of the leading man in the field of life skills management like Life Skills Trainer, Motivatinal Speaker, Corporate Trainer, Author/Career Builder.

Dr. Dheeraj Gautam Bharatiya is the founder of MG TRAINING AND ETIQUETTE CENTRE an Author, Educator, Life skills trainer, Career builder, a successful Entrepreneur. He is much sought Motivational Speaker. He inspire and encourage individual to realize their true potential. He has taken his dynamic training techniques to more than 100 organizations. His 5 years of experience in training and teaching has put individuals and organizations on a path of growth and transformation. In order to fulfill the social responsibilities, he has conducted more than 100 awareness seminars and workshop in various educational institutions in Haryana and Uttar Pradesh. He has guided thousands of people for a long terms successful career. His dynamic trainings on (Book Name) has been the striking feature. His books, let hunt a career together and communication transformation are a great blueprint to (Book Name ) at any level. Life transformation through corporate trainings and turnings an ordinary person into a dynamic professional has been the main focus through the passage of time and the wheel is still turning on. More than 20 thousands people have benefitted from his dynamic trainings.

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