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Dr Samir Kumar Hui

Dr. Samir. K. Hui is professionally the principal of the distingue degree college at Dhamnagar of Bhadrak District, Odisha. Before joining Dhamnagar Degree College as principal, he also acted as principal of Akhandalamani Higher Secondary School, Betaligaon, Bhadrak. But such prestigious positions fail to bring ample acclamation for him. The reason why Dr. Hui deserves an appreciation is that he has kept alive his creative and constructive mind even after affronting the administrative and academic compulsions of a flourishing degree college. There are two types of people working in professions one, for whom, the profession is a means of livelihood, others, for whom, professional preoccupation does not curb the creative bend of mind and the two go on side by side, reciprocally reinforcing each other. Dr. Hui belongs to this second category. Born on date 7th may 1965 in a remote village, Dr. Hui has gone a long way to showcase how fortune favors the brave. He is a brilliant bi-lingual poet and a published short story writer writing both in English and Odia. He has authored six anthologies that received receptive recognition all over the globe. He has acknowledged citations and felicitations from literacy and cultural organizations overseas and at home. he lives with his wife and two sons in Bhadrak city. He can be accessed at

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