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Dudala Pandu Ranga Reddy Vineeth

This book “CONQUER INVISIBLE ANXIETY AND DEPRESSION” is a result of the author’s suffering from Anxiety and Depression problems since his childhood. He always wanted to have a life free from these problems. But due to his Poor self- image, low self-esteem, and Inferiority complexes he suffered from these problems inside himself. These problems completely reduced his performance in studies and other activities. But in 2018, he made a COMMITTED DECISION to eliminate these problems FOREVER. He started to study the amazing powers that are present in our MIND. Many people are struggling to find the solution to their problems by searching outside
of themselves. But the real truth is we will find solutions to all of our problems by searching inside of ourselves. The author found the solution to all his problems ONLY by focusing on the things he REALLY WANTS and by repeatedly studying the SAME GREAT information. By doing these things he solved all of his mental health
problems in less than 3 years i.e.; 2018 to 2021. After solving his problems, he NEVER faced any limiting problems of Anxiety and Depression. Whenever he gets any sign of entering these problems, he immediately alerts himself and solves them instantly in a few seconds which will be very hard for people with weak mental conditions.

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