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Ekta Chimnani (M.Com/MBA/B.Ed) is the founder of Divine Magick, which is a haven that directs people on a path towards self-healing and self-awareness. Ekta is among the best energy coaches in the country and she is a certified Hypnotherapy and NLP trainer as well. She received the finest training under Dr Richard Bandler in the UK. Ekta has a wide range of services to offer such as mind therapies and counseling to help individuals with solutions that are unique to their situation. With her great healing powers and methods, she has helped people all over the world become happier, more self-aware and get the strength to deal with life’s ups and downs. Ekta has represented India on many world platforms, from gaining recognition for her work in meditation, at the British Parliament in London 2019 to representing our nation at the prestigious Cannes Film Festival in France and the Hollywood Tribute to Oscars in Los Angeles, California.

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