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Geeta Bansal

The author born and brought up in Bihar and Uttar Pradesh loves Hindi and expresses herself in Hindi.
Father was in the Police and Husband in the Army. She has seen life very closely by travelling from one place to another. She is a great believer of Indian physiology influenced by Dr. Radhakrishnan Studied in I T college Lucknow taught by Mrs. Wanchoo, studied the combination of Indian philosophy and the religion Each action of mantras and puja paddhati has significant effect on each person this is what She believes in. For her Indian culture is very vast. If studied well, all the religion can submerge in it.
On stories She feels Gaura Pant Shivani is big influence on her While reading if you find a little bit of similarities of language or style do not blame her. It is the blessing of her Guru she feels

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