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Gurpreet Dhariwal

Gurpreet Dhariwal is addicted to writing, reading, painting, feeding stray dogs, solo traveling and bike rides. Her debut poetry book ‘My Soul Rants: Poems of a Born Spectator’ was published last year which got her appreciation and accolades from people all over the world.

She firmly believes in karma philosophy and humanity. Her poetry reflects the poignant situations that are neglected at large in a hypocritical society. Between monotonous daily routines, she has been writing two books, and one of them is set on her own journey of Domestic Violence Survival.

She gives a damn how the world perceives her as it took her a great deal to wear her scars on her sleeve and accept her flaws as strengths. Her world revolves in and around books and she is an avid reader. She travels to places she reads about, makes friends with the characters, falls in love, and fights with demons she gets to face every day in people.

She has done a double master’s in Information Technology and Computer Applications. She found her bliss in writing when she was 18 years old. Currently, she resides in Delhi, India, with her parents.

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