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Harshita Jain

Harshita the author of this book, is not a writer but told people
Difference between what love is not, It is no word from her but
Somebody from open mic gave her this title, she loves poetry, she loves old Hollywood style movies,
She admires old-school romance; she admires Immaneul Kant, Jane Austen, and Rabindranath Tagore.
So journey start after 12th class boards, she and her best friend watch a lot of Pakistan drama and love
To talk in Urdu, so there is the guy she really but she wants to impress. So, her friend gave her a line of
the poem she told her to complete it send him, but when she complete again her friend send other this
was a game going on between both of them none of the poems she sent to him, but she is playing this
game for like three weeks straight. But in this process, she knows she likes these things. Afterword she
likes to write poem and boom after one year she started her first novel and three months she
completed. And decided to publish it when she got old live in wood all alone. Book is all about teenage
drama but this is the only drama we all belong to; we all are like shaurya, Arjun, and Hishali. We all
belong to them.

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