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Jalendu V Shah

Jalendu V. Shah, a born engineer, dreamed curiously about the universe. He completed his primary and secondary education in Dahod, Gujarat, and graduated in Mechanical Engineering from one of the most prestigious educational institutions in Gujarat, India – Sardar Patel University. Since 1991, he has had senior-level professional engagement in chemical process industries, inclined towards the best aspects of technologies and methodologies. He has expertise in projects and maintenance of chemical process industries, developing customised solutions, and processing equipment to meet the client’s requirements, focused in energy and operations efficiencies. Aiming high, he is now setting up Maintenance Management Establishment as an independent business vertical serving domestic industries.
He was never convinced with the theories like the Big Bang, cyclic inflating-collapsing universes, and other derived theories based on assumptions that in turn raise several questions.
He is neither an astronomy student nor a great mathematician; and hence, the magical phenomena of the dual principle of light, constant and highest speed of light, and some aspects of quantum physics could never pitch his mind.
Fortunately, those became accelerators to keep him focused, and it took gross 30 years and net hundreds of hours to define a comprising novel work of ‘The Mother-Child theory’.
The Mother-Child theory for the universe’s life cycle is the brainchild of Jalendu, encompassing every existence and their interrelationship throughout their birth to rebirth, time dilation, and light condensation. He proposed this complete theory of everything being in place all the time, exchanging energies from source to sink, the light and super light spectra, and many other aspects about the universe.

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