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The author of the book ‘Agyat Jeevan’ (English meaning ‘Life unknown’) has penned his name as Jigyashu (means Curious in English). Jigyashu as the name suggests had extensively travelled the length and breadth of Bharatvarsh (India). During his stays in different parts of the country, he had keenly observed the life and culture of these regions and found abundant blessings of the Lord spread all around. But at the same time far rural regions of our country remain destitute from the opportunities and access to the modern amenities of life.
The book ‘Agyat Jeevan’ is the story of a few interesting people born in the remote valleys of the Himalayan region yet represented the core characters of Bharatvarsh. This is his first work of fiction being published in Hindi.
Although this fiction was conceptualized in English first, the author felt it more appropriate to use Hindi as the basic language considering the ease of mass population in encapsulating the thoughts reflected by the author in his work. In the future, if needed English version will follow.

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