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Kanika Sharma

The Author by profession is a Human Resource expert. Her Skills in subjects like Emotional Quotient,
Behavioral Sciences, makes her a master of human psychology and behavior. This comes in handy with
her creative writing aspects, her favorite themes being emotions and the human psyche. (; her favorite
writing themes reflect the same and often about emotions and human psyche) As for writing, she had a knack for creativity and related fields since the beginning but her academic orientation did not let her
pursue her passion for writing to the fullest, and it got mostly curtailed to School and College Competition and later her corporate career gave her the platform for writing and publishing insightful business write-
ups The eternal optimist author thinks Lockdown and Pandemic have come as a blessing in disguise that has given her time to explore to the fullest her writing abilities. In this brief span, the author has written
various forms of creative work like Poems, short stories and essays, etc. for various platforms and
competitions. Two of her works are part of soon to be published anthologies. The author plans to explore
and work on her skill along with her profession for a few years and then wants to take early retirement
from corporate to full time follow her passion for writing. Apart from being a writer, the author is also a
voracious reader, YouTube-vlogger, story-teller, but mostly she prides herself in being a dreamer and

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