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Kappana Vinay Kumar

Born in North Malabar, India K. Vinay Kumar did his schooling in Colombo, Ceylon(Sri Lanka) up to GCE. After that, he studied Marine Electronics Engineering(Communications) in India. K. Vinay Kumar started his professional career as an engineer in a television company, in production and marketing. He went overseas on an ex-pat assignment with Grundig Germany and was posted in Jakarta, Indonesia. His work covered Singapore and Malaysia as well. Later, he switched career, and joined and Indo-German Telecom Company, travelled the Middle East and other countries as the Vice President of Marketing and Exports. In his final stint, he joined a computer professional and was a founding member and pioneer in setting up an Audio-Visual Systems Integration company, based in Mumbai, leading it as its CEO. He is married and has two daughters. He lives in Mumbai and contributes by writing blogs and articles for various internet groups.

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